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Welcome to the Kentucky Procurement Technical Center.  We are here to help!

The Kentucky Procurement and Technical Assistance Center and its six Procurement Consultants serves all 120 counties of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The headquarters of the KYPTAC is currently located in Lexington (Fayette County). We have also capitalized on our partnerships with local organizations to provide offices in Bowling Green, Somerset, and Elizabethtown.


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I am so thankful for all the support and assistance from KYPTAC. I have gained so much knowledge and many connections since I started my business 4 years ago from every kind of event, meeting, phone call and webinar.

- Patricia Kim, CEO of JJC Maintenance LLC


The importance of completing the WOSB Certification increased when we were approached by the National Guard, the Coroner's Office, and other government agencies to supply their workers with our certified, washable face masks.

- Alli Truttmann, Wicked Sheets

With the help of KYPTAC, Wicked Sheets is now officially a CERTIFIED Woman Owned Small Business!

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